Children's, Family, and Discipleship Ministries Kick off!!!!!!!!!

  • We are so excited to see what the LORD is going to do in the near future here at First Baptist Church in Valley City.  We are growing as a church as well as our individual members are growing in the Grace and Knowledge of the LORD Jesus Christ. 
  • We are expanding our Focus to meet the needs of families here in Valley City and around the World.
  • Discipleship Training will begin on March 6, 2016 during out Sunday Evening Service we will begin teaching a series of lessons that will help any Christian grow in their faith.
  • Proven doctrinal and practical lessons to help disciple new Christians and refresh older saints.

  • Requires students to search the scriptures (AV1611) to find Bible answers.

    Suitable for adults and youth.

    A - Assurance;
    B - Bible;
    C - Church;
    D - Daily Walk;
    E - Enemy (Satan);
    F - Family;
    G - God;
    H - Holy Spirit;
    I - Immersion;
    J - Jesus Christ;
    K - Kinship (Baptist heritage);
    L - Lord's Supper;
    M - Missions;
    N - New Birth;
    O - Obedience;
    P - Prayer;
    Q - Questions often Asked;
    R - Return of Christ;
    S - Separation;
    T - Tithing & Stewardship;
    U - Unity;
    V - Victory;
    W - Witnessing;
    X - X-Rated for Baptists;
    Y - Your Church;
    Z - Zion.